Definition of parodic in English:



  • See parody

    • ‘Even for the parodic and satiric intent, there is a greater interest in the design and design faults of language than a care for what the reader will take away.’
    • ‘Fan fiction, Harvey says, falls into the legal blur between fair use, which allows people to use another's work for criticism, academic and parodic purposes, and the author's moral right to have their creation used’
    • ‘It took a lot of clicking around (more, in retrospect, than it should have) to come to the conclusion that the whole site was parodic (although their links at the bottom of the page are for real, which was what had puzzled me).’
    • ‘The first is that these albums tend to involve a fully ironic approach, as opposed to one that is merely satirical or parodic.’
    • ‘This oscillation between different parodic and satirical tactics makes it something of a moving target for potential litigation.’