Definition of parochial school in English:

parochial school


North American
  • A private school supported by a particular church or parish.

    • ‘One was ‘shared time,’ in which students split their time between public and parochial schools.’
    • ‘Maine has a 130-year-old voucher law that once allowed children living in towns without high schools to attend private or parochial schools with state support.’
    • ‘It is still taught in Sunday schools and parochial schools for children.’
    • ‘The seminaries were full, the convents bursting, parochial schools multiplying.’
    • ‘Parents preferred to send their children to free public schools rather than parochial schools.’
    • ‘Private schools, even parochial schools, are vastly more expensive than the average percentage of tax one pays toward education, on local, state and federal levels combined.’
    • ‘The majority of the other county school districts and parochial schools quickly followed the example of Bloomington public schools and voluntarily dropped German language instruction.’
    • ‘Ryan, himself, is a product of parochial schools: Boston College and the Jesuit Georgetown University, and he sends his kids to Catholic schools.’
    • ‘School vouchers was big issue during the campaign - allowing parents who send their kids to bad public schools to get them out into parochial schools or private schools.’
    • ‘Parishes and churches that run parochial schools are working especially hard at using computer labs.’
    • ‘The bulk of this money is paid to poor schools, mostly Catholic parochial schools and some community schools, which would not survive without it.’
    • ‘May public funds be used only for public schools, or should charter and parochial schools receive a share?’
    • ‘The very future of school choice - since at present parochial schools are the private schools most likely to participate in inner-city voucher programs - would be in doubt.’
    • ‘Is the American public saying to you hold off on the school vouchers to help kids go from public schools to private or parochial schools?’
    • ‘The affluent can afford the high tuition for private schools and the more moderate tuition for parochial schools.’
    • ‘Politically charged battles over vouchers, or public funding of private and parochial schools, still are being fought in several lower courts.’
    • ‘Westminster Christian Academy is a parochial school - a school established and overseen by a congregation as a ministry of the church.’
    • ‘There would be for-profit schools, charter schools, parochial schools, and government schools.’
    • ‘The orthodox Lutheran clergy even dreamed of replacing the public schools with Lutheran parochial schools, but lacked the means to do so.’
    • ‘Although this is still true today, public and parochial schools (church-run, private schools) are also open to Hageners.’


parochial school

/pəˈrəʊkɪəl ˌskuːl/