Definition of Parliamentary Counsel in English:

Parliamentary Counsel


  • (in the UK) a group of barristers employed as civil servants to draft government bills and amendments.

    • ‘For some reason Parliamentary Counsel, when section 13 was drawn, dropped ‘repeal’.’
    • ‘The bill is structured in a way that would appeal to most veterinarians, because of the logic and symmetry that lies behind the work that Parliamentary Counsel has done.’
    • ‘For the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, he has veto powers over the Solicitor General, Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Registrar General, Chief State Solicitor, and even the Director of Public Prosecutions.’
    • ‘As long as Parliamentary Counsel knows what the rule is, then they can proceed accordingly, your Honour.’
    • ‘If the Cabinet agrees, the proposal goes to its Future Legislation Committee, then to Parliamentary Counsel, who will draft a bill.’
    • ‘Awards are not typically drawn by Parliamentary Counsel's Office.’
    • ‘The new Health and Safety Bill is at the drafting stage in consultation with the Parliamentary Counsel in the Attorney General's Office.’