Definition of parka in English:



  • 1A large windproof jacket with a hood, designed to be worn in cold weather.

    ‘he pulled on his fur-lined parka, ready to brave the elements’
    • ‘She lowered the faux fur-lined hood of her parka and sighed heavily, taking a long drink from the mug.’
    • ‘But instead he pushes himself on, shrugging back into his parka, cinching the hood, donning one mitten and then the other with the help of his teeth.’
    • ‘She placed the entirely noiseless radio back against her right ear, pulled up the hood of her parka and returned to her seat.’
    • ‘This year's parkas put a lot of emphasis on the hood (that are even lined with fur) and the coat's collar.’
    • ‘We both climb down various escape ladders, and finally jump into an abandoned alley, where we take off our ski masks, and zip down our parkas, revealing tuxedoes.’
    • ‘Don it with just about any type of outerwear: a leather jacket, a pea coat, and most definitely a parka.’
    • ‘Traditional canvas, denim and hunting's advanced silent, waterproof fleece and Cordura are used in other shells of jackets, parkas, pants and bibs.’
    • ‘Add in hunting season in the deep South and the far West, and a significant number of hunters need clothing and gear for warm weather instead of parkas and insulated boots.’
    • ‘I was desperate to ride the scooter and remember standing in front of the mirror in my bedroom wearing my parka and crash helmet and thinking, yeah, looking good, gotta get out on that scooter.’
    • ‘On the same day, you might wear both a tank-top and a parka at different times, and be perfectly comfortable in both.’
    • ‘But, here I am, on my way to the office, wearing my parka because the weather people said I should.’
    • ‘The film is fun, because the idea of grown men, battered by gales from the North Pole, dressed in parkas and perky sailor hats, singing their lungs out on a desolate beach, has a surreal element.’
    • ‘Wear chest waders and a waterproof parka with a hood; stay comfortable and keep grinding.’
    • ‘Many, if not all the Marines, had the hoods of their parkas over their heads and were fighting the internal battles of fear and exhaustion as well as the dangerous environment around them.’
    • ‘She pulled the hood of the parka around her face and started toward home.’
    • ‘When it comes to outerwear many customers prefer the traditional parka, but the snowboard culture currently is taking a lead in styling, according to Graham.’
    • ‘Sexier than a parka and cuter than a raincoat, it's a waterproof version of a military-styled coat and it fits long like a trench.’
    • ‘One was black and two were white. They were wearing parkas or anoraks with hoods.’
    • ‘Apart from trench coats, there are also parkas, which are also parking their way into this year's fashion circles.’
    • ‘The gypsy man has reappeared here as well, wearing low-slung trousers wide at the leg, decorated vests and fur-trimmed parkas.’
    1. 1.1 A hooded jacket made of animal skin, worn by the Inuit.
      • ‘He expects to find volunteers or hire workers to videotape elders teaching traditional skills like sewing parkas and sealskin mitts, as well as building sleds and igloos.’
      • ‘Inuit women sewed parkas from tanned animal hides until modernization led to the use of duffel wool.’
      • ‘No factory-engineered fleece compares to the warmth of a sealskin parka.’
      • ‘The Eskimos don't look too comfortable in their parkas during the summer, but maybe they can cool off with the alcohol constantly flowing from the not one, but two Irish castles.’
      • ‘Jon will wrap himself in four separate Eskimo parkas, the sheet and two quilts and still lie in bed shivering, wondering why his wife is slowly trying to kill him.’


Late 18th century: via Aleut from Russian.