Definition of park home in English:

park home


  • A prefabricated building occupied as a permanent home, located with others in a dedicated area of ground.

    • ‘When we set up our park in 1992, a standard park home with a garage would have cost around £65,000.’
    • ‘Plans to convert a caravan site into permanent mobile "park homes" have sparked fierce opposition from residents.’
    • ‘Advent has already unveiled two models, the Tarragon leisure lodge and the Bamburgh park home, and expects to launch five more designs next year.’
    • ‘Instead of being occupied only as summer homes between March and October, they would become permanent "park homes" complete with running water and main service facilities.’
    • ‘Park homes look like traditional bungalows, but are factory-built, using timber and steel.’
    • ‘In January she telephoned her parents at their West Virginia trailer park home to warn her mother: "I just want you to know there might be some trouble".’
    • ‘I must confess that most are occupied with caravans and park homes, but the simpler sites are still there.’
    • ‘A new park home, built to order in a factory, comes fully furnished with modern conveniences such as central heating, double glazing, porcelain toilet, dishwasher and even a spa bath.’
    • ‘According to the National Park Homes Council, more than 300,000 people now live in park homes in the UK.’
    • ‘Many people living in park homes are heading towards retirement, and have sold a bricks-and-mortar property to purchase the home, often releasing capital in the process.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the park homes are rarely moved from their original plot.’
    • ‘The retired United Nations executive and his wife Marion bought a factory-built park home, choosing their own carpets, curtains, wallpaper, built-in cupboards, wardrobes and kitchen and bathroom appliances.’
    • ‘In keeping with the new upmarket image, owners prefer to call them 'park homes'.’