Definition of Parisienne in English:



  • A Parisian girl or woman.

    • ‘There were pothead hippies, in-line skaters, little old Parisiennes with pugs (admittedly not many).’
    • ‘Dariaux is a real-life Parisienne, who worked at the salon of Nina Ricci.’
    • ‘The blog's enthusiasm has gained the 25-year-old Parisienne mentions in Gourmet magazine, The New York Times Style Magazine and countless links from across the blogosphere.’
    • ‘Perhaps Schumacher saw the obvious creep potential in that sweet Parisienne - or perhaps he's a fan of Ted Hughes's compelling poem Do Not Pick Up the Telephone.’
    • ‘True, the French women I know tend not to get too hung up on ‘dieting’; I have never witnessed a Parisienne performing the calorie or carbo calculus that bedevils so many British meals.’
    • ‘The Boers had the sympathy of Europe and of many Americans, and fashionable Parisiennes dressed themselves à la Boër.’
    • ‘These were respectable people: the shopkeepers, the small businessmen, war veterans wearing their medals, more of those Parisiennes with pugs, men in berets carrying symbolic baguettes.’
    • ‘I must admit to having had a small chuckle at the TV pics of thousands of Parisiennes booing at the result.’
    • ‘For 60 years Doisneau chronicled Paris's post-war rebirth: the dreamers in the bistros, the balloon sellers in the Tuileries gardens, the children playing in the streets, the chic Parisiennes and the prostitutes.’
    • ‘A diverse community of old Parisiennes, students, young men of African and Arab descent, artists, singers, street people, gays and straights, all end up mobilized and working together toward a common goal.’
    • ‘As she nurses Roxy through her woes, Isabel gradually develops into an authentic Parisienne.’
    • ‘After he spotted Tautou's face on a poster for Venus Beauty, the blonde, blue-eyed Englishwoman morphed into a dark-haired, brown-eyed Parisienne.’
    • ‘Katherine saw the serious Madison leading a giddy young Parisienne out to dance.’
    • ‘She's a young, beautiful Parisienne and is busy planning her wedding to her fiancé Tom.’
    • ‘There his pretty and ambitious wife, though a Parisienne herself, railed constantly against Marat, Danton, Robespierre, and the whole Parisian delegation in the Convention.’
    • ‘However, once the coffee is securely in her hands, she café-sits like a true Parisienne, and her people-watching skills are unrivaled.’
    • ‘She in particular got it into her head that you have fallen prey to some wily Parisienne.’


Mid 17th century: French, feminine of parisien Parisian.



/French paʀizjɛn//paˌrɪzɪˈɛn/