Definition of parish register in English:

parish register


  • A book recording christenings, marriages, and burials at a parish church.

    • ‘I was also disappointed that Landers did not do much in the area of demography, other than to list the number of baptisms, marriages, and deaths recorded in the extant St. Augustine parish registers and some census data.’
    • ‘Old maps, census and grave records, parish registers and thousands of photographs of Haworth have all been made available to historians.’
    • ‘She warns that birth, marriage and death certificates only date back to 1855, though, since before then it was the role of the minister to record details in the old parish registers.’
    • ‘Interestingly enough, if we look at parish registers there is some historical evidence that people indeed followed the astrologers' advice - there is a fall in baptisms in the summer months.’
    • ‘It is unlikely that Parry ever lived in Crosthwaite as his name is not recorded in the Crosthwaite parish registers.’
    • ‘From the parish register of the church of Saint-Louis de Versailles we know that his father, Nicolas, was a grocer.’
    • ‘Mrs Hall said that anyone on the parish register has free entrance to the museum 12 times each year and that staff would be glad to see local people.’
    • ‘Much of the hard slog has been done by the Mormons - who, in their desire to evangelise retrospectively, have accumulated, indexed and computerised a vast bank of family records, including old parish registers.’
    • ‘The introduction of parish registers in England in 1538 has eased the work of historical demographers, and we know a reasonable amount about population movements after that date.’
    • ‘Eleven years later the parish register records the burial of the poet's only son.’
    • ‘But then we think back again to the parish register, a source of information on christenings, marriages and burials going back to the 16th century.’
    • ‘The parish register gives testimony to those who emigrated and settled there.’
    • ‘Their kinds of sources also match as well: besides reliance on the usual archival material of wills, accounts books, parish registers, and the like, both Finn and Ottaway use literary works and diaries.’
    • ‘The only major locked door is the vestry door, where we keep what little stuff might be called valuable like the photocopier, the altar silver and the parish registers; and this door and lock probably are impregnable to all but a chain saw.’
    • ‘The accuracy of the records of those buried in the churchyard depended on the diligence of the parish clerk in keeping the parish register and the burial of those with unorthodox religious or social views often went unrecorded.’
    • ‘However, as is often the case with early references to black people in Britain, not much is known about Peter's life beyond the line that refers to him in the parish register.’
    • ‘But for Robert, nothing compares with tramping round parish registers leafing through ancient documents - even though these days, they will usually be photocopies only.’
    • ‘A systematic search of parish registers of births, marriages and deaths, wills, and other sources would undoubtedly yield many more.’
    • ‘However, we assume that the age of 35 recorded on the parish register is correct and means that she was Sarah and John's daughter.’
    • ‘He saw the importance of the issue of population size, and the fact of population increase: he underestimated the rate of increase in Elizabeth's reign, but identified parish registers as the sources most likely to yield solid results.’


parish register