Definition of parings in English:


plural noun

  • Thin strips that have been pared off from something.

    ‘fingernail parings’
    • ‘Mrs. Burns-Cooper, spurred by her mother-in-law, escalates the attack by criticizing Maud Martha's potato parings as too thick.’
    • ‘In fact, I have been seriously thinking about putting out a Randi doll, complete with fingernail parings and a scrap of my beard - so that it will really work, of course!’
    • ‘They were accused of the most amazing offences: one woman was said to have turned her daughter into a pony, another of having made a minister ill by swinging a bag of boiled toads and nail parings over his bed.’
    • ‘When she was young, her mother had told her to save her nail parings, otherwise she would have no means of clinging on when her time came to ‘climb the steep slopes of Mount Zion.’’
    • ‘These books don't draw much of a crowd; their readers, like avid collectors of concert bootlegs or celebrity nail parings, are mainly sworn devotees.’
    peelings, clippings, peel, rind, cuttings, trimmings, shavings, strips, pieces, slivers, fragments, shreds
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