Definition of Parian in English:



  • 1Relating to the Greek island of Paros or the fine white marble for which it is renowned.

    ‘a copy in Parian marble of a bronze statue’
    • ‘A column of Parian marble, terminating in the figure of a dog, was raised over his tomb.’
    • ‘Twelve sculpted metopes of Parian marble, approximately 1.6 m square and carved with the labors of Herakles, graced the entablature of the pronaos and opisthodomos, six per side.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting a form of fine white unglazed hard-paste porcelain likened to Parian marble.
      ‘Parian ware’
      • ‘It has evolved over the years and is now one of the best known producers of fine Parian china.’
      • ‘These range from spill-jars and jugs with Dickens's profile in high relief to somewhat more refined busts in Parian china, the smallest being 20 cm in height, the largest 48 cm.’
      • ‘The Parian ware in this room includes a bust of Charles Dickens dating to the 1850s (on the table) and a figure of Ceres (under the glass dome on the washstand).’
      • ‘After another great night's entertainment unfortunately it was time to get ready for home, heading back through Co Fermanagh to Belleek to watch the workers hand make their fine Parian china.’
      • ‘Another of their specialized collections, Parian ware is a marblelike porcelain introduced in England in the 1840s.’
      • ‘Flanking the centerpiece are Paris porcelain reticulated fruit stands of about 1830 and Parian ware standing female figures.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Paros.

    • ‘In 385 the Parians planted a colony on the Adriatic island of Pharos, with the aid of Dionysius I of Syracuse, ‘in accordance with an oracle’ (probably a Delphic oracle, to judge from the Pharians' subsequent devotion to the shrine).’
  • 2mass noun Parian ware (porcelain).