Definition of parenthesize in English:


(British parenthesise)


[with object]usually as adjective parenthesized
  • 1Put (a word or phrase) into brackets.

    ‘parenthesized clauses’
    • ‘For four lines, objects of prepositions and the parenthesized nouns seem related as synonyms, metaphors, or metonymies.’
    • ‘While this adds some dimension to the text, it can also clutter it, especially when used in extensive quotations, where the parenthesized Chinese is really superfluous.’
    • ‘My study also faces west, and from the window, I have an abbreviated view of the sunset - parenthesised between a tall chimney stack and a tree.’
    • ‘Matched parenthesized atoms are automatically stored into special variables (called back references) identified by the symbol \ followed by a number.’
    • ‘No matter how patronizing the comment parenthesized above may sound, it still proves mostly true: The EP shows a band still finding its strengths and developing its sound, unsure of its talent for cathartic drama.’
    • ‘I recently read a book where every third sentence was parenthesized.’
    • ‘I just continued to gape and shake my head at the paper, hoping something would appear, perhaps a parenthesized comment at the bottom excluding me from the mix of people needed off-book.’
    • ‘An element definition includes the name of the element and an optional parenthesized list of sub-elements.’
    • ‘They appear with a standard two decimal format with negative numbers parenthesised.’
    1. 1.1 Add as a parenthesis.
      • ‘Anyhow, word games are a lot easier if you get to parenthesize letters.’