Definition of parenterally in English:



  • See parenteral

    • ‘They were randomised to two postoperative isoenergetic and isoprotein nutritional regimens given enterally or parenterally; the results have just been reported.’
    • ‘The drug may be given orally, parenterally (intramuscular, intravenous), or rectally in addition to epidurally and intrathecally.’
    • ‘Anyone without achlorhydria secretes hydrogen ions from gastric mucosa whether fed orally, by a nasogastric tube, or parenterally.’
    • ‘High dose systemic corticosteroids should be administered promptly by mouth if there is no concern regarding retention, and parenterally if the patient is obtunded or vomiting.’
    • ‘Three weeks of antibiotic therapy, with at least the first week of therapy being administered parenterally, is required in the treatment of children with orbital cellulitis.’