Definition of pardonable in English:



  • Able to be forgiven; excusable:

    ‘no mistake, even a tiny one, is pardonable’
    • ‘But, also like baseball, it's entirely pardonable in view of its good-natured competitiveness and unpretentious charm.’
    • ‘Except for that last misstep, the others are pardonable.’
    • ‘But then I guess that is pardonable because it is something none of the commentators noticed either.’
    • ‘Success at politics seldom depends entirely upon good intentions and is often torpedoed with a single strike by matters as trivial as boyhood pranks or otherwise pardonable youthful indiscretions.’
    • ‘But it would be a pardonable exaggeration to say that, for most writers, greedy to learn and emulate, this is the only important question.’
    excusable, forgivable, allowable, condonable, understandable, minor, slight, venial, not serious, permissible
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