Definition of parched in English:



  • 1Dried out with heat.

    ‘the parched earth’
    • ‘On the coast, the Pacific Ocean laps at parched desert.’
    • ‘Root competition from the huge tulip poplars, ashes, and sweet gum trees contributes significantly to the parched soil conditions.’
    • ‘A large window looks out onto a parched golf course, while inside the air-conditioned office a putter and golf balls litter the carpet.’
    • ‘The landscape began to explode with life, strange mosses rising out of the parched earth.’
    • ‘Stretching west and south of the Great Salt Lake, the Bonneville Salt Flats are known for their parched, blinding summertime dazzle.’
    • ‘The early light promised a hot, dry southern day, the sky gleaming like hot metal, the summer smell of parched weeds making the air difficult to breathe.’
    • ‘Following this fence, the girls walk for nine weeks across the parched desert, depending mostly on scraps offered by people they meet along the way.’
    • ‘In California's parched Mojave Desert, the mining of a new kind of liquid gold - water - is about to become big business.’
    • ‘This is a parched, rocky wasteland in the heat of the day; by night it is a moonscape in which Max's establishment twinkles surreally.’
    • ‘In Florida, April is the cruelest month, dropping oak pollen onto the parched earth.’
    • ‘Most versions begin with the mortal archer Hou Yi, who shoots down a number of rogue suns which have been turning the earth into a parched wasteland thousands of years ago.’
    • ‘The rill was a parched ravine now, as though some convulsion of the earth had bled the region dry of its lifeblood.’
    • ‘And a robin hopped across the parched ground, bill held open in the heat.’
    • ‘The grass was less than perfect, parched patches dotted the lawn, and numerous dandelions stuck up here and there making the landscape ugly.’
    • ‘The rich fields that had fed thousands turned to charred, brown earth, parched and useless.’
    • ‘Where the latter cheerily evokes parched desert landscapes and mutilated corpses, ‘December’ is all ice and mundane urban loneliness.’
    • ‘While I love to discover the latest deep conditioner for parched strands or find a hot new curling iron, discovering a new accessory line definitely makes my heart beat a little faster.’
    • ‘As the showers wet the parched roads and the soil becomes damp, the earth's true colours come into view.’
    • ‘Fools indeed could not appreciate the welcome mist of rain upon a sweating face; the brilliant dew feeding parched fields, and the still wonder that was life's breath.’
    • ‘Watershed researchers want to learn how far they travel when sudden summer thunderstorms send them rolling and tumbling along the dry stream beds of the parched Southwest.’
    dry, as dry as a bone, bone dry, dried up, dried out, arid, waterless, desiccated, dehydrated, sun-baked, baked, burned, scorched, seared, withered, shrivelled
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    1. 1.1informal predicative Extremely thirsty.
      ‘I'm parched—I'll die without a drink’
      • ‘Taking his parched lips into his mouth, he raked his fingers through his hair and prayed that his cousin had chosen an obscure route to Scotland and had thought to cover up his tracks.’
      • ‘I had a splitting headache and was very parched.’
      • ‘His parched lips parted and the words were finally whole.’
      • ‘The Witch swallowed to moisten her parched throat.’
      • ‘Today's first reading paints a beautiful picture of a barren desert being transformed into a lush forest and of those with parched tongues being given water by the Lord himself.’
      • ‘That leaves only brave activists like the ‘Samaritan patrol’ to drive the desert leaving buckets of water in remote spots for the parched refugees.’
      • ‘With no proper eating utensils, he followed the actions of the family he had been unwillingly adopted into, tipping the bowl so the warm fluid could find its way into his parched throat.’
      thirsty, dehydrated, dry
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    2. 1.2 Lightly roasted.
      ‘parched corn’
      • ‘Our Puritan fathers lived on parched corn, but they talked about God.’