Definition of paraxial in English:



Anatomy Zoology
  • Situated alongside, or on each side of, an axis, especially the central axis of the body.

    • ‘Myogenesis in the paraxial muscles (dorsal compartment) is dependent on contact with the neural tube and notochord, while limb and abdominal muscles (ventral compartment) are not.’
    • ‘First was the relatively simple activation of motoneuron fates by sonic hedgehog from the notochord and floorplate and retinoic acid from the paraxial mesoderm.’
    • ‘Rather, their paraxial mesoderm had been transformed into neural epithelia.’
    • ‘Expression is maintained in dorsal paraxial regions where patterning is also intrinsic to the donor site of the graft.’
    • ‘The signals determining their expression come from the adjacent paraxial mesoderm.’