Definition of parasitism in English:



mass noun
  • 1The practice of living as a parasite on or with another animal or organism.

    ‘the study of nest parasitism by cuckoos’
    • ‘These warblers have no known defence against cowbird parasitism.’
    • ‘These were sites where no spring parasitism by C. florus had been observed.’
    • ‘He looked for evidence of wasp parasitism by counting the 'mummies'—the golden, hardened carcasses of aphids that had become homes for wasp larvae.’
    • ‘This suggests a strong environmental effect on egg parasitism.’
    • ‘Studies have shown that predation and cowbird parasitism decreases as nests are located farther away from edges and towards forest interiors.’
    • ‘Scientists observed virtually no springtime parasitism by wasps of the apple-feeding leaf rollers.’
    • ‘He found that parasitism of whiteflies by E. formosa was the same under both standard and UV-blocking films.’
    • ‘The following May, they observed parasitism of leaf rollers in the apple orchards near the three garden sites.’
    • ‘Until recently, the researchers couldn't figure out why the wasp's springtime parasitism rate was very low.’
    • ‘Choosing extensively forested landscapes should lead to reduced levels of nest predation and brood parasitism for songbirds.’
    1. 1.1 Infestation by a parasite.
      ‘many species are susceptible to fungal parasitism’
      • ‘Examples of the consequences of parasitism include anemia, allergic reactions, obstruction of blood vessels, induction of cancer, blindness, and diarrhea.’
      • ‘Experts hypothesize that the decreasing frequency of parasitism has left the immune system susceptible to producing allergic responses.’
      • ‘After the end of chemotherapy, an increase of parasitism was detected.’
      • ‘A primary gastrointestinal loss of protein or blood is possible in a few cases, as evidenced by intestinal parasitism, colitis, gastric haemorrhage, and melena.’
      • ‘Parasitism, inflammatory bowel disease, and food allergies are among the medical conditions that could contribute to this behavior.’
      • ‘If the diagnosis is unclear, an otherwise unexplained elevated immunoglobulin value may be helpful in suggesting allergy or parasitism.’
      • ‘Clams in category 5 were probably killed by physical stress, disease, or parasitism.’
      • ‘Aside from parasitism, the only other mortality I observed was due to hatching failure.’
      • ‘The ability of leptospires to persist in mammalian renal tubules reflects a highly evolved form of parasitism.’
      • ‘Both clinical entities may be associated with previous acute parasitism.’
  • 2derogatory Habitual reliance on or exploitation of others.

    ‘billionaires whose wealth is bound up with parasitism, corruption and criminality’
    • ‘The great world economic crisis of the early 1930s threatened the wealth that sustained such parasitism.’
    • ‘Parasitism and criminality have become rampant in our corporate circles.’
    • ‘Unprecedented levels of luxury and parasitism for the privileged few exists alongside the most appalling growth of poverty among the vast majority of the world's people.’
    • ‘We now get a glimpse into the reactionary politics, racism, and social parasitism of his mayoral administration.’
    • ‘Men may well have envied the social and economic parasitism of middle-class femininity, despite the Victorians' idealization of home life.’
    • ‘One major factor contributing to the company's decline is the high degree of parasitism practiced by the auto executives and big investors.’
    • ‘This investor confidence underscores the symbiotic relationship between financial parasitism and militarism.’
    • ‘His social layer owes its social prominence to the ruthless assault on the working class and a staggering growth in corruption and parasitism.’
    • ‘The stock market boom was based to a considerable extent on speculative capital, parasitism, and outright swindling.’
    • ‘The performance of so-called e-commerce firms highlights the parasitism of the upper layers of corporate management.’