Definition of parascending in English:



mass nounBritish
  • The sport or activity of paragliding or parasailing.

    • ‘Paragliding is seen as safer, and is less of an unknown, as at some point a fair number of people have been parascending behind a boat, and the inevitable connection with parachutes is made, wrongly.’
    • ‘Amanda has been parascending - hanging from a parachute and being towed hundreds of feet behind a speedboat.’
    • ‘Generally Harrison Beaumont put all undefined aerial sports in Group 5, along with PG, parascending, parachuting and worldwide offshore yacht sailing.’
    • ‘There was waterskiing, jet boats, parascending, heli-rides, even chair lifts up the mountain for those who could not or did not wish to walk, plus friendly staff in the shops and restaurants.’
    • ‘He maintained that The Glebe event was not about anti-limit campaigning but was a chance to showcase developing sports that can be carried out at slow speeds such as wake boarding and parascending.’
    • ‘Or maybe try getting some friends to sponsor you to do something you always wanted to try, but have never before had a reason to, from bungee jumping to parascending.’