Definition of paraplegic in English:



  • Affected by or relating to paralysis of the legs and lower body.

    ‘a paraplegic war veteran’
    ‘a paraplegic hospital’
    • ‘She is a neurotic girl who changes hair color with every mood and is making a film about herself, going as far as casting her paraplegic mother as herself.’
    • ‘He is paraplegic after being shot by gunmen while on assignment overseas.’
    • ‘Think of a husband caring for a wife with Alzheimer's, or a mother caring for an adult child rendered paraplegic in a car accident.’
    • ‘I shouldn't have been taking my discomfort out on someone who had just discovered they were paraplegic, no matter how bad I did feel.’
    • ‘Being paraplegic isn't contagious.’
    • ‘She plays a compassionate nurse with a paraplegic fiancé.’
    • ‘The young man is struggling with the early part of his paraplegic experience after an accident and is trying to come to grips with what life has left for him.’
    • ‘The documentary chronicles the intense rivalry between the US and Canadian paraplegic rugby teams.’
    • ‘There was a spinal injury ward with 26 beds for paraplegic patients.’
    • ‘He is a devoted husband who gives his paraplegic wife a massage every night.’


  • A person affected by paralysis of the legs and lower body.

    ‘researchers hope the treatment might enable paraplegics to walk again’
    • ‘Her husband was described as a paraplegic who had little prospect of returning to his old job.’
    • ‘A neuro-stimulation implant could tell paraplegics who have lost sensitivity in their bladders when to urinate.’
    • ‘The team is made up of sailors who are paraplegics or amputees or blind.’
    • ‘Athletes, or others whose physical activity was at the center of their self-conception, are more likely to find a paraplegic's life intolerable.’
    • ‘She plays a sexy, intelligent, and independent sculptor whose life changes dramatically after a traffic accident leaves her a paraplegic.’
    • ‘A wheelchair-bound paraplegic in constant pain sipped, through a straw, some water containing the barbiturate.’
    • ‘The case was brought by a paraplegic who could not make a court date due to lack of elevator access.’
    • ‘He has walked in nine countries, many times, just to raise funds for paraplegics who cannot afford medical treatment.’
    • ‘She was a paraplegic, but she still held a job, most of the money from which her father used for beer.’
    • ‘He doesn't believe she will want to leave a secure relationship to be with a paraplegic.’