Definition of paraphrastic in English:



  • See paraphrase

    • ‘He has now publicly called on the bug man to explain himself (or some such meaningless paraphrastic remark).’
    • ‘Even his paraphrastic explanation in the Small Catechism seems to imply (for both the 1959 and the 2000 editions of English translations of The Book of Concord) that he had men and women equally in mind.’
    • ‘Many of the details in the Triumph are paraphrastic repetitions from Titian's three Bacchanals.’
    • ‘For our paraphrastic procedure to be comprehensive, it must work with contexts containing explicitly comparative locutions.’
    • ‘In the Small Catechism, his explanations of both the First Commandment and the Sixth break the normal paraphrastic nature of the work.’