Definition of paraphraser in English:



  • A person who expresses the meaning of something written or spoken using different words, especially to achieve greater clarity.

    ‘Will is a skilful paraphraser’
    • ‘It is not essential for us to establish whether or not Andronicus was the first paraphraser of Aristotle.’
    • ‘The well-known Bible paraphraser was a straight-up heretic.’
    • ‘Every allegedly great age is an age of translations, beginning with Geoffrey Chaucer, paraphraser of Virgil and Ovid, condenser of old stories he had found in Latin, French, and Italian.’
    • ‘It's hard to tell if the tone is the original poster's, or that of the paraphraser.’
    • ‘The first role is the “paraphraser,” who summarizes what was in the selection.’
    • ‘Indeed, it would be nearly impossible for paraphrasers to avoid using any key terms from the source.’