Definition of paraphrasable in English:



  • See paraphrase

    • ‘They teetered into the ridiculous: Williams sought to deny a paraphrasable content where he could detect nothing risqué, but was on the alert for meaning if the poetry looked naughty.’
    • ‘Indeed, these might be the same example underneath - I do not take a stand here on the question of which propositional attitudes are reducible to (or paraphrasable in terms of) others.’
    • ‘The tablets we did receive are multisemic, they are impossible ever to put into propositional language, or into anything even paraphrasable.’
    • ‘The story isn't really a parable of anything, in the sense that one can draw a straight line from symbol to paraphrasable meaning.’
    • ‘The truth of an artist, and his art, usually lies between, rather than in, paraphrasable explanations.’