Definition of parameterize in English:


(also parametrize)


[with object]technical
  • Describe or represent in terms of a parameter or parameters.

    ‘the nuclear charge distribution can be parameterized directly using a suitable mathematical form’
    • ‘The method was parameterized with the aim of retrieving the native structure of bacteriorhodopsin among near- and far-from-native templates.’
    • ‘The intra-molecular potential was parameterized to simulate a rigid structure with surface hydroxyl groups that are free to rotate in an AMBER-style torsional potential.’
    • ‘Although we could have parameterized anions based on solvation data alone, the effort here is to isolate the role of size and to maintain as straightforward an analysis as possible.’
    • ‘The models differ from previous approaches in that they are parameterized directly in terms of selection coefficients.’
    • ‘These details may reflect imperfections of the force field, which is not parameterized to account for ligand to metal charge transfer and polarization effects.’