Definition of paramagnetic in English:



  • (of a substance or body) very weakly attracted by the poles of a magnet, but not retaining any permanent magnetism.

    • ‘The magnetic susceptibility of a paramagnetic material is inversely proportional to absolute temperature.’
    • ‘In paramagnetic materials, permanent magnetic moments arise from the intrinsic angular momentum of individual electrons.’
    • ‘The principle of EPR oximetry is based on the broadening effect of molecular oxygen on the EPR spectra of paramagnetic substances via Heisenberg spin exchange.’
    • ‘The presence of water molecules surrounding a paramagnetic metal ion can be detected via magnetic interactions with the water protons.’
    • ‘When a paramagnetic material is placed in a strong magnetic field, it becomes a magnet, and as long as the strong magnetic field is present, it will attract and repel other magnets in the usual way.’