Definition of paralytically in English:



  • See paralytic

    • ‘But our mixed-up legal strategy is to insist, paralytically, on a kind of hyper-sovereignty of the nation-state.’
    • ‘With a threat like that hanging over their heads it was no wonder that everyone was paralytically drunk by 8 o clock.’
    • ‘Passing sentence the judge told him: ‘I regard what occurred as a vicious act against a man who was paralytically drunk and at the time unable to defend himself.’’
    • ‘This is an event in itself, as Horace is a) paralytically shy and b) has had the conversational urge beaten out of him by fifty five years of having B's mum talk over him.’
    • ‘It is both in the public and private interest that justice should be brisk, not paralytically lethargic.’