Definition of paralogous in English:



  • Relating to genes that are descended from the same ancestral gene by gene duplication in the course of evolution, especially when present in different species which have diverged after the duplication.

    • ‘Following a duplication event, the two paralogous genes may evolve under different selective constraints and thus may show different patterns of molecular evolution.’
    • ‘Two major clusters and four subgroups indicate that the paralogous C. cinereus rcb genes are polyphyletic and diverge through several lineages.’
    • ‘Clustering of protein sets for each organism has led to the identification of paralogous genes for each species.’
    • ‘Gene duplication and diversification has resulted in six paralogous ATPases being present in the eukaryotic proteasome.’
    • ‘According to the generally accepted view of gene duplication and evolution, the redundancy created by duplication allows paralogous gene copies to evolve new functions.’