Definition of parallelize in English:


(British parallelise)


[with object]Computing
  • Adapt (a program) to be suitable for running on a parallel processing system.

    ‘special software parallelizes C-based programs’
    • ‘The compiler directives defined by OpenMP tell a compiler which regions of code should be parallelized and define specific options for parallelization.’
    • ‘Hofsee describes the three level organization as ‘a radical break’ with conventional architecture ‘because it explicitly parallelizes computation and the transfers of data and instructions’.’
    • ‘In RISC, the compiler presents instructions to the processor and the processor figures out how to best parallelize the processing of those instructions.’
    • ‘It should be possible to reduce the computational time requirements considerably by parallelizing computations.’
    • ‘By parallelizing the requirements to the developed system and the possibilities of the existing client database, we can say that some key basic features already are implemented, except the client per-user name indexing.’