Definition of parallelepiped in English:


Pronunciation /ˌparəlɛləˈpʌɪpɛd//ˌparəlɛˈlɛpɪpɛd/


  • A solid body of which each face is a parallelogram.

    • ‘The crystal systems are all parallelepipeds whose shapes are completely defined by the lengths of the three sides and by the three angles characterizing the parallelepiped.’
    • ‘These vertical volumes and the several prismatic cuts into the building's outer envelope suggest a reading of the dormitory less as a single parallelepiped and more as an array of conjoined towers.’
    • ‘Embedded in a low, almost geological podium of slate shards, glass and grey aluminium, the canted parallelepipeds are constructed almost entirely of contiguous glass elements held in place by a skeletal steel frame.’
    • ‘The residential towers, which sit on vertical projections of the podium, are parallelepipeds, rotated 30° in relation to the podium, which is oriented toward the Manhattan street grid.’
    • ‘A noncollecting institution devoted to art of the last 40 years, the Contemporary Arts Museum occupies a dramatic stainless-steel warehouse-type building, shaped like a parallelepiped.’


Late 16th century: from Greek parallēlepipedon, from parallēlos ‘beside another’ + epipedon ‘plane surface’.