Definition of paradrop in English:


nounPlural paradrops

  • A descent or delivery by parachute.

    • ‘In the chaos of the nighttime paradrop into Normandy, France, Easy Company, like its sister airborne units, is scattered far and wide across the enemy terrain.’
    • ‘After the group's paradrop of the 82nd Airborne Division June 6, 1944, over St. Mere Eglise, France, in advance of the D-Day seaborne invasion, the 442nd saw action in the skies over Italy, southern France and Holland.’
    • ‘Beyond the intelligence obtained, Cadwalader wrote, perhaps the greatest accomplishment of Coldfeet ‘was to prove the practicality of paradrop and aerotriever recovery to conduct investigations in otherwise inaccessible areas.’’
    • ‘In December 1944, there was a successful paradrop of commandos in a forested mountainous terrain near Eifel who took control of advantageous grounds and mountain passes.’

verbparadropped, paradropping, paradrops

[with object]
  • Drop by parachute.

    ‘the planes paradrop vital supplies’
    • ‘This makes it possible to conduct air assault operations in a local war and to paradrop operational and tactical assault forces.’
    • ‘It is important to note that up to 30 percent of an aggregate assault force can be airlifted and paradropped.’
    • ‘There are reports that American troops will paradrop in - secure that area first.’