Definition of paradisal in English:



  • (of a place or state) ideal or idyllic; heavenly:

    ‘she told me tales of her paradisal childhood’
    • ‘Jackson's versions of happy endings often entail a paradisal communion of human and animal.’
    • ‘Soon she is taken away to Olympus, a glittering paradisal city of splendor.’
    • ‘I fell in love with one of the girls as she told me tales of her paradisal childhood as the gardener's daughter in a castle in East Prussia.’
    • ‘One East German poet included a portrayal of Prometheus not as benefactor but as ‘the enemy who brought war and inequality into the once paradisal world and produced human misfortune by offending the gods.’’
    • ‘In 1913-14, showing an interest in the exotic shared with other Expressionists, Pechstein visited the Palau Islands in the Pacific, where he painted lively, near Fauvist scenes depicting the paradisal life of the island fishermen.’
    heavenly, idyllic, blissful, divine, sublime, elysian, perfect
    paradisiacal, paradisical
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