Definition of paradigmatically in English:



  • See paradigmatic

    • ‘Because particular devices vary across periods, and because norms tend to be organized paradigmatically, any film must choose only a few possibilities to actualize.’
    • ‘As Dummett has noted, in many cases the standard names for paradigmatically abstract objects do not assume the functional form to which the definition adverts.’
    • ‘There is agreement that such essential and fundamental terms as ‘particle’ or ‘wave’ are not used as in earlier physics, a physics that was paradigmatically determinist.’
    • ‘Equally, reasoning in a circle is a paradigmatically poor sort of reasoning: how can a statement support itself?’
    • ‘Led by Konrad Lorenz and Niko Tinbergen, the ethologists argued that even learning - a paradigmatically non-instinctive kind of development - often required certain predispositions.’