Definition of parachute regiment in English:

parachute regiment


  • An operational unit of an army consisting of troops trained and equipped to be dropped by parachute from aircraft.

    ‘he is now serving with the Parachute Regiment’
    • ‘For me this tour was the exact reason I joined the Parachute Regiment.’
    • ‘I had a brief experience with the Parachute Regiment, which taught me that I was not remotely cut out to be a soldier.’
    • ‘He was an officer in the parachute regiment of the British Army.’
    • ‘He has spoken to officers from the Parachute Regiment and subject to passing a medical he will be accepted.’
    • ‘He spent 22 years in the parachute regiment.’
    • ‘Soldiers from the Parachute Regiment were the first to arrive and they successfully evacuated British citizens.’
    • ‘A young soldier—a friend of my brothers—came to spend Christmas with us, and he was in the Parachute Regiment.’
    • ‘He did a stint with the British Army's intelligence corps, then trained with the elite first parachute regiment.’
    • ‘He enlisted in the Parachute Regiment for a three-year term.’
    • ‘It had always been Andy's ambition to be a Parachute Regiment soldier and he was welcomed from the moment he arrived.’