Definition of parachute flare in English:

parachute flare


  • A flare that is fired into the air by a rocket so as to float suspended from a small parachute, used as a signal or for illuminating large areas.

    ‘a red parachute flare was sighted by a fisherman just south of Port Kennedy and police were called’
    • ‘Engagements during hours of darkness can require illumination, such as a star cluster or parachute flare, to illuminate enemy positions.’
    • ‘After illuminating both sea and land with parachute flares, the enemy aircraft came in at low level.’
    • ‘Squad leaders fired their M203 rounds with modified parachute flares to mark enemy positions.’
    • ‘In order to navigate at night, commanders used compasses and parachute flares.’
    • ‘Searchers used loud parachute flares that light up a vast area to make contact with the woman, who was suffering hypothermia.’