Definition of parachute drop in English:

parachute drop


  • An act of dropping supplies or troops by parachute.

    ‘a parachute drop into the sea’
    • ‘An Australian came close to hypothermia after a parachute drop into the sea.’
    • ‘The brigade is able to carry out parachute drops up to 150 km behind enemy lines or undertake a helicopter-borne air assault.’
    • ‘Parachute drops could be made by Whitley and Wellington bombers.’
    • ‘She located parachute drop zones where money and weapons could be passed to Resistance fighters and later coordinated guerrilla warfare.’
    • ‘His work saw a record level of parachute drops in the area.’
    • ‘Operations included a parachute drop of special forces and paratroopers behind enemy lines.’
    • ‘Bombs began to fall, hypothetically balanced by parachute drops of food packages, blankets, and medicines for its common citizens.’
    • ‘We mounted guard against a possible parachute drop on our post.’
    • ‘Only opposed amphibious landings from the sea and parachute drops in hostile territory are more risky that opposed river crossings.’
    • ‘Parachute drops in the water are very common.’