Definition of paracentric inversion in English:

paracentric inversion


  • A reversal of the normal order of genes in a chromosome segment involving only the part of a chromosome at one side of the centromere.

    • ‘About 60% of Drosophila species are polymorphic for paracentric inversions in natural populations.’
    • ‘The genomes of tomato and potato differ by only five paracentric inversions; while those of pepper and tomato and eggplant and tomato show conservation of linkage blocks, yet exhibit more extensive rearrangements.’
    • ‘Preliminary meiotic analysis of the F 1 hybrid showed the occasional formation of an anaphase I bridge between two large chromosomes, as is typical for paracentric inversions.’
    • ‘Within several Drosophila species groups, such as the Hawaiian Drosophila or the repleta species group, the number of polymorphic and fixed paracentric inversions recorded in each chromosomal element is very unequal.’
    • ‘On the basis of the distribution of paracentric inversions, Anopheles gambiae has been subdivided into five subspecific chromosomal forms.’