Definition of papilionid in English:



  • A butterfly of a family (Papilionidae ) which includes the swallowtails, birdwings, and apollos. They are typically large and boldly marked, and most kinds have tail-like projections on the hindwings.

    • ‘Like many nymphalid, papilionid, and hesperiid butterflies, male H. bolina occupy and defend perching sites in forest clearings and along flight paths as a means of maximizing their encounters with receptive females.’
    • ‘Like the other papilionids, the males can be seen drinking at seepages or on riverbanks, either singly or accompanied by several other specimens, or even other species.’
    • ‘Furthermore, these gene duplications evolved after the split between the common ancestor of nymphalid and papilionid butterflies.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Papilionidae (plural), from Latin papilio(n-) ‘butterfly’.