Definition of papier collé in English:

papier collé


mass noun
  • 1The technique of using paper for collage.

    • ‘In 1912 Braque and Picasso began to introduce collage and papier collé: this lent a clearer, if schematic, system of reference into a style which had become increasingly abstract.’
    • ‘Gris too made extensive use of papier collé, and Matisse's use of cut-out paper shapes in his late work is a development of the technique.’
    1. 1.1count noun A collage made from paper.
      • ‘As defined by the Cubists, the papier collé had limited the artist's role to arranging elements; Arp went even further and eliminated the traditional "artistic" notion of arranging forms in relation to each other.’
      • ‘In Braque's and Picasso's very first papiers collés, shading stops being pointillist and suddenly becomes broad and incisive again.’


French, literally ‘glued paper’.


papier collé

/ˌpapɪeɪ ˈkɒleɪ/