Definition of paperweight in English:



  • A small, heavy object for keeping loose papers in place.

    • ‘The tools of calligraphy include accessories such as penholders, brush pots, ink boxes, paperweights, seals and seal boxes.’
    • ‘Derek picked up one of his mother's paperweights from the table: a glass bird trapped inside a glass bubble, trying to peck its way free.’
    • ‘Common gifts were jewels, gloves, silk stockings, flowers, garters, handkerchiefs, and paperweights.’
    • ‘Hand-blown glass pieces such as flowers, snowmen, ornaments, paperweights, bowls and vases will be available for a range of prices.’
    • ‘Books can function as doorstops, paperweights, hiding places for some valuables, platforms for balancing a teacup on or props for broken chairs or tables.’