Definition of papermaker in English:



  • See papermaking

    • ‘The wood pulp and clays used in papermaking are both colloidal, as are the inks used in writing and printing.’
    • ‘Marbling, like papermaking and hand-made books, has recently experienced a revival of interest among artists and craftspersons.’
    • ‘For the papermaking, families boiled straw paper to put on a wooden frame called a mould.’
    • ‘In regular papermaking, the mold is a frame over which the screen that catches the pulp is stretched.’
    • ‘It is also the world's second-largest producer of chemicals used to bleach pulp for papermaking.’
    • ‘Although the paper mills were in Manchester, Daniel maintained a store on Main Street in Hartford, where he bought rags for papermaking and also sold the finished paper.’
    • ‘ARS proclaimed kenaf to be its top alternative fiber candidate for pulp and papermaking.’
    • ‘Pulping and papermaking are highly water-intensive processes.’
    • ‘In Central America and Mexico, the Chinese may have introduced technologies for papermaking, dye extraction and jade working.’
    • ‘He saw an article on the benefits of industrial hemp for papermaking.’
    • ‘Generally, they were letterpress editions, books that paid a lot of attention to the crafts of bookmaking - printing, papermaking and book binding.’
    • ‘The environmental effects of papermaking weigh heavily on our air and water quality, and on our forests.’