Definition of papergirl in English:



  • A girl who delivers newspapers to people's homes.

    ‘the papergirl completed her early-morning round’
    • ‘An 81-year-old British grandmother has been officially confirmed as the world's oldest paper girl after delivering her local paper for 41 years.’
    • ‘This is the nickel and diming of this Budget where you don't really take on the big issues but you end up taxing paper boys and paper girls.’
    • ‘I'm a paper girl, and when I'm not doing that I'm cleaning out birdcages in pet shops.’
    • ‘As he strutted past the corner dairy he noticed the local papergirl on her afternoon round.’
    • ‘In a page-one story by Patricia Callahan, The Wall Street Journal unblinkingly examined the industry's treatment of the paperboys and papergirls - at last count, some 140,000-who deliver the news to the nation's doors.’
    • ‘A 14-year-old papergirl was hailed for her courage after she chased a bicycle thief and forced him to give the bike back.’
    • ‘Picking the pockets of paper boys and paper girls is petty.’
    • ‘A bike thief has left a paper girl with no transport for her round.’
    • ‘The monthly newsletter is delivered by a paper girl.’
    • ‘A paper girl and a notorious truant get entangled in a romance during a hot summer in Singapore.’