Definition of paperbark in English:



  • 1A cajuput tree.

    • ‘A cool breeze blows down the channel, there's plenty of shade among the huge silver-leaf paperbarks that hang over the banks and the water is astonishingly fresh.’
    • ‘Tucked away in the forest, and only accessible to those with local knowledge, its old contorted paperbark trees exhibited gnarly branches, trunks and burls.’
    • ‘At Magela Creek, northern Australia, hydrophilic palms and mangroves proximal to the waterhole give way to fire-prone sedges, grasses and paperbark on the dry floodbasin.’
    • ‘Powering along at full speed we quickly find ourselves surrounded by imposing stands of paperbark and gum trees that wage an eternal battle against the vines that slowly snake up their trunks and into their branches.’
    • ‘They were artfully placed among majestic paperbark trees, relatives of the eucalyptus that shed their reddish skin in sheets, like tourists at Bondi Beach.’
    1. 1.1 Used in names of other trees which have a peeling papery bark, e.g. paperbark maple.
      • ‘The maples in the garden - including the paperbark maple - make ideal companions for the conifers as do the magnolias.’
      • ‘Other trees with attractive bark include eucalyptus, paperbark maple, lace bark pine and crape myrtle.’
      • ‘He also continued the work that made him famous - introducing astonishing new plants from the Far East - conquests that had so far included Acer griseum, the paperbark maple, and Kolkwitzia amabilis, the beautybush.’
      • ‘Acer griseum, the paperbark maple, is small enough to sit comfortably in an urban garden.’
      • ‘Acer griseum, commonly known as the paperbark maple, also hails from China. This species was discovered by Wilson in 1907 in western Hubei province.’