Definition of paper towel in English:

paper towel


  • A piece of absorbent paper used for wiping up liquids or drying things.

    ‘drain the croutons on paper towels’
    • ‘I splashed my face with water then wiped it with a paper towel.’
    • ‘Someone runs to get paper towels, someone else scurries off to find a Band-Aid, and I offer up ice from the beer bucket.’
    • ‘She grabbed a paper towel and said it was to blow her nose.’
    • ‘Mom grabbed a paper towel and sopped up the spilled coffee.’
    • ‘I took some paper towels and wiped the water off the mirror.’
    • ‘Any warehouse store will sell items such as paper towels and condiments in bulk.’
    • ‘They shoved a paper towel up against my nose to stem the nose bleed.’
    • ‘Drain the garlic on paper towels and immediately transfer to a small bowl.’
    • ‘The women's toilet was observed to be in an untidy state with the paper-towel dispenser being too small for the towels so that it could not be closed properly.’
    • ‘The drier cuts off intermittently for no reason, appears to be having no discernible effect on the dampness, and generally makes one wonder why the proprietor didn't just install a paper towel dispenser.’