Definition of paper tape in English:

paper tape


mass noun
  • 1Paper in the form of a long, narrow strip.

    • ‘One has paper tape along the edge of the slit that you peel off to expose an adhesive and press the edges together.’
    • ‘The surgeon will apply some sterile paper tape to support the eyelids after surgery, which is normally removed after three to five days.’
    • ‘Dad would carefully cut the ends and then everyone would package the cigarettes in bundles of ten, secured with paper tape: 10 cigarettes, 30 yen.’
    • ‘We sell a black paper tape for around $5 a roll that people have used to hold the camera door shut.’
    • ‘Use paper tape or a nonadherent dressing on frail skin and gently remove it.’
    1. 1.1 Paper tape with holes punched in it, used in older computer systems for conveying data or instructions.
      • ‘About the same time I was told that the paper tape as a means of computer input was dead.’
      • ‘Turing's approach was to image a machine that would automatically perform mathematical functions in binary on a paper tape of infinite length divided into squares.’
      • ‘With glowing valves and copious amounts of paper tape the Met Office finally embraced the computer age in 1959 and purchased a Ferranti Mercury, which was nicknamed Meteor.’
      • ‘A 35-year veteran of General Mills, he started as a computer operator working with punch cards and paper tape.’
      • ‘The distinguishing feature of the M - 134 - A is that it took the bits of a paper tape as input, and used that input to control the movement of rotors, and these rotors then encrypted a character in the basic fashion of a Hebern machine.’