Definition of paper mill in English:

paper mill


  • A factory in which paper is manufactured.

    • ‘We don't know what goes on behind the chain-link fence of a refinery or a smelter or a paper mill, or what comes out of the smokestacks, and therefore we suspect the worst.’
    • ‘Approximately, l55 pulp and paper mills around the country will be affected by the air pollution controls.’
    • ‘In my hometown, a paper mill polluted the groundwater of the whole city but the head of the guilty factory was still considered a hero by the government because the mill pays tens of millions of dollars in taxes each year.’
    • ‘But it's the smell of the paper mill you notice when you get off the plane, and the white billowing smoke of the paper mill that you remember when you leave.’
    • ‘I ended up in a paper mill, working the graveyard shift lifting heavy steel shafts.’