Definition of paper jam in English:

paper jam


  • An instance of paper becoming stuck in a printer, photocopier, etc.

    ‘no one likes a paper jam at the office’
    • ‘I had nine paper jams yesterday afternoon.’
    • ‘Clearing paper jams in printers and other duplicating machinery will expose users to hot or moving parts, sharp edges, pinch points, or exposed electrical parts.’
    • ‘If a paper jam occurs, follow the simple instructions that will be displayed on the copier message display screen.’
    • ‘Paper jams are one of my pet peeves.’
    • ‘In the back of the machine is a roller insert that helps you clear paper jams.’
    • ‘He knows how to fix paper jams in photocopy machine.’
    • ‘We would be naive not to recognize the possibility of a paper jam.’
    • ‘Perhaps books could be produced in copy shops that already have staff trained to add ink or toner, clear paper jams, call the repair technician, and the other tasks required to make paper copies.’
    • ‘The model I had was prone to paper jams, and its design makes it sometimes difficult to remove stuck paper.’
    • ‘This article was posted on our website for you to read; no print runs, no paper jams, or paper cuts.’