Definition of papally in English:



  • See papal

    • ‘But papally sponsored negotiations at Guines in 1354 failed and the war began again in 1355.’
    • ‘The eleventh century witnessed a new Christian attitude toward war: that it could be divinely inspired, or at least papally commended, if not commanded.’
    • ‘Pundits also suggested that the teaching was bound to change, given the logic of the Second Vatican Council and the existence of a papally appointed commission on the regulation of fertility.’
    • ‘Papal authority was manifest, too, in the work of bishops and archbishops, who slowly adapted their ways to that of the papally directed reform movement of this century and the next.’
    • ‘Bartholomew's presence at the controversial crowning of Henry the Young King is uncertain, but Becket asked that he should not be papally censured with others involved.’