Definition of papad in English:



  • A poppadom.

    ‘a superb meal of fresh fish, vegetables, dal, papads, and rice’
    • ‘Again, papads are rolled out paper thin whereas poppadoms are rolled out a little thicker and puff up more.’
    • ‘The menu included sweet, vada, four vegetable dishes, payasam, papad, fruits and a three-course meal.’
    • ‘While most joints concentrate on lunch offering rice and curry with papad, a side dish and pickle - there are ones providing breakfast and supper as well.’
    • ‘Ordinarily there would be two vegetable dishes, and one savoury, and one sweet, and some chutney/salad/raita, and papad, and a few more things here and there.’
    • ‘She served steamed Basmati, fried papads, and sun dried yogurt chilies with the fish.’


Hindi pāpaṛ from Tamil pappaḍam poppadom.