Definition of panty liner in English:

panty liner


  • A thin absorbent pad worn by women to absorb light menstrual flow or vaginal discharge.

    ‘she can wear a panty liner for extra protection’
    • ‘I looked down and, to my horror, a panty liner had fallen out of my purse.’
    • ‘You can make your own custom, washable panty liners and pads.’
    • ‘Any guy who is willing to request panty liners and feminine hygiene products for his female soldiers should get a good guy award!’
    • ‘"Hubbs, I'm out of panty liners, can you get me some when you're at the chemist?"’
    • ‘Some customs are purely ceremonial, like the purchasing of the thong panty liners that I'll never use.’
    • ‘Disposable panty liners used between periods are increasing the size of the market.’
    • ‘Show her how to use panty liners to keep her dry if you want.’
    • ‘Up until quite recently panty liners were a mare, because they were massive!’
    • ‘I suppose the girls must wear panty liners, but I'm not one hundred percent sure.’
    • ‘This blogger is bitchy, swears, wears pretty but provocative clothes, writes in intimate detail about things like panty liners, and flaunts her American boyfriend.’


panty liner