Definition of pantoum in English:


(also pantun)


  • A Malay verse form, also imitated in French and English, with a rhyme scheme abab.

    count noun ‘smart's the word for pantoums and haiku’
    mass noun ‘we could end as a line of pantoum’
    • ‘His poetry is characterized by its openness to the vagaries of consciousness, its wry, beguiling lyricism, and its innovative use of forms such as the pantoum and the sestina.’
    • ‘Their fourth exercise/poem was their choice of a form using repetition or refrain: a villanelle, rondeaux, traditional ghazal, glosa, sestina or pantoum.’
    • ‘One of the oldest forms of Sundanese literature still in existence is the pantun cerita.’
    • ‘Fascinated throughout his career by venerable poetic fixed forms such as the sonnet, the triolet, and the Malayan pantoum, Jouet chose to invent a new fixed form.’
    • ‘He prefers to make use of old verse forms like sonnets and pantun, a four-line stanza.’


Late 18th century: Malay pantun.