Definition of panto in English:



  • short for pantomime (sense 1 of the noun)
    • ‘The panto is funny and has something for the girls, a love story, and something for the boys, a duel fight with swords.’
    • ‘On an historical note, the pantomime Jack & Jill was the creation of celebrated Victorian writer Edward Leman Blanchard, who wrote 37 of the famous Drury Lane pantos and 28 more for other London shows.’
    • ‘Prop maker Peter Greenwood found a real mangle so the dame can wring clothes in the panto's slapstick scenes.’
    • ‘Now in its 23rd year, the village panto is somewhat of an institution and attracts packed audiences.’
    • ‘As early as his second panto he was cast as the Queen in Sleeping Beauty.’
    • ‘The group chooses a different panto to perform each year and this will be the 15th it has put on.’
    • ‘The pad was full of celebrities who were starring in pantomimes and the glossy leaflets on his lap were flyers advertising the pantos.’
    • ‘Song and dance is how Catherine Zeta-Jones made her first appearances in school shows and pantos.’
    • ‘Around us there are so many pantos where they don't even know what gags were told last year, so you just get the same jokes year after year.’
    • ‘In particular, he is aided by his 20 years in various roles in the regular panto in his home village of Harden.’
    • ‘This is my fourth panto and I always play the bad guy - I'm the bad guy specialist.’
    • ‘Cinderella, more than any of the other pantos, is a magical fairytale and I felt that this was not made enough of.’
    • ‘Everyone left with a smile on their face, which goes to prove pantos really are for the young and old.’
    • ‘Jessica Knotts, 10, is making her debut in the panto this year as the Good Fairy.’
    • ‘The panto had been running from December 14 and was supposed to finish on Sunday.’
    • ‘Conley has lost count of the number of pantos he has appeared in, but has lost none of his enthusiasm for them.’
    • ‘Mark is also going to watch John Inman camp it up in a Cardiff panto.’
    • ‘Many years ago they followed the long tradition of turning the story of the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe into a panto.’
    • ‘This comedy of disguises, errors and errant passions competes with the most hilarious of pantos.’
    • ‘All proceeds from the panto will be used to help community projects in Burnley.’