Definition of pantingly in English:



  • See panting

    • ‘As luck would have it, I had ridden to school that day, and cycled quickly to the nearest butcher and pantingly ordered another load.’
    • ‘Then, within ten feet of the goal, Robbie's pace slowed suddenly to the merest of crawls, and Gloria, with one final burst of wild speed, dashed pantingly past him to touch the welcome bark of home-tree first.’
    • ‘Fowler and Griswold followed pantingly in the footsteps of Macaulay; their prose is extraordinarily self-conscious, and one searches it in vain for any concession to colloquialism.’
    • ‘It's a film that will have red-blooded cinemagoers pantingly clambering off the ride at the end and staggering over to the queue for tickets to get straight back on again.’