Definition of pannus in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • A condition in which a layer of vascular fibrous tissue extends over the surface of an organ or other specialized anatomical structure, especially the cornea.

    • ‘Joint destruction occurs with erosion of juxtaarticular bone around the margins of pannus and invasion of subchondral tissue by pannus.’
    • ‘The large pannus predisposes patients to fluid accumulation, creating an environment conducive to seroma formation, infection, and wound edge separation or dehiscence.’
    • ‘The pannus and the cells within it are responsible for the periarticular bony erosions in the bare areas.’
    • ‘As the pannus erodes the bone, it will also degenerate the alar check ligaments which stabilize C1.’
    • ‘As the rheumatoid process progresses, inflammatory cells in the synovial fluid grow and form a mass known as pannus, which invades and destroys soft tissue, cartilage, and bone.’


Late Middle English: perhaps from Latin, literally ‘cloth’.